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:  Why doesn’t efm sell parts and units directly to homeowners?

 Answer:  The products sold by efm are sold to authorized dealers and in the case of the electric boiler through distributors.  Installation and maintenance of efm products should be done only by trained, experienced personnel.  (See the next question about technical advice for more on this topic.)

 Question:  I’m a homeowner and pretty handy.  Why won’t an efm representative help me so that I can work on the boiler in my home?

 Answer:   Boilers and furnaces are complex appliances that require trained and experienced technicians to install them and to maintain them.   Boilers and furnaces include combustion, electrical and electronic components that require extensive training and experience to evaluate and service.  Boilers and furnaces are also just one part of a heating system.  Proper operation of the system requires an extensive knowledge of the components and how they operate. Your efm dealer is trained and experienced with heating systems and is the best person to maintain your boiler or furnace.  Your boiler or furnace is probably the most expensive appliance in your home.  Relying on a professional dealer is the best way to maintain the value of your system. You select the technician and we will guide them through the maintenance


Homeowners who would like to see our products should schedule an appointment with your local EFM dealer. You can also call us at 570-385-1892.

Dealers can schedule training on installation and maintenance at EFM in Schuylkill Haven, PA at your convenience. Just call us and set up a date.